Joanna Offers Three Packages for Your Wedding Ceremony Needs

A custom ceremony is the opportunity for me to share your love story with everyone gathered on your big day. I’ll interview you and your fiancé about your relationship and use that information to draft a fully custom ceremony that you approve. We’ll incorporate any traditions or rituals that feel right for you.

A standard ceremony is one whose framework is already written and is then customized for you and your fiancé. I'll send you 3 prewritten ceremonies to choose from (which I pull from my library specifically for you) and get your feedback/ choice. If there are specific changes you want to make, that’s great. If you don't love any of the ones I send, I will send you up to 3 more.

An elopement ceremony is booked four weeks or less from your wedding date and is celebrated with 20 guests or fewer. I personalize an existing ceremony, just like in a standard ceremony, but we’ll likely have less time for revisions and feedback. If there is anything specific you feel strongly about having included in your big day, let me know up front so I can be sure it’s reflected in the text.